Monday, March 19, 2007


The JavaTM 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2METM)is the Java platform for consumer and embedded devices such as mobile phones, PDAs,TV set-top boxes, in-vehicle telematics systems,and a broad range of embedded devices.Like its enterprise (J2EETM), desktop (J2SETM)and smart card (Java CardTM) counterparts,the J2ME platform is a set of standard JavaAPIs defined through the Java Community ProcessSM program by expert groups thatinclude leading device manufacturers, software vendors and service providers.

The J2ME platform delivers the power and benefits of Java technology tailored for consumer and embedded devices — including a flexible user interface, robust security model, broad range of built-in network protocols, and support for networked and disconnected applications. With J2ME,applications are written once for a wide range of devices, are downloaded dynamically,and leverage each device's native capabilities.

The J2ME platform is deployed on millions of devices — from mobile phones, to PDAs,to automotive devices — supported by leading Java technology tools vendors, and used by companies worldwide. In short, it is the platform of choice for today's consumer and embedded devices.

The J2ME Architecture

The J2ME architecture defines configurations,profiles and optional packages as elements for building complete Java runtime environmentsthat meet the requirements for a broad range of devices and target markets. Each combination is optimized for the memory, processing power,and I/O capabilities of a related category of devices. The result is a common Java platform that fully leverages each type of device to deliver a rich user experience.

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