Monday, March 19, 2007

Sample chapters from A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification, Inner Classes

Programmer's Guide to Java Certification: A Comprehensive Primer provides an extensive coverage of the Java programming language, with particular emphasis on its syntax and usage. The book is primarily intended for professionals who want to prepare for the Sun Certified Java Programmer Exam (Sun CJPE), but it is readily accessible to any programmer who wants to master the language. For both purposes, it provides an in-depth coverage of essential features of the language and its core Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
The book helps the reader to master all features of the Java language, and this mastering of the language can culminate in accomplishing the exam. It provides an extensive coverage of all the objectives defined for the exam by Sun. Since the exam objectives are selective, they do not cover all the essential features of Java. The book provides extensive coverage of additional topics that every Java programmer should master in order to be proficient in this field. In this regard, the book is a comprehensive primer for learning the Java programming language

"Inner Classes," shows you how to write code to construct instances of any concrete class, including normal top-level classes, inner classes, static inner classes and anonymous inner classes.

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